A Treasure Trove of History Timelines for Teachers

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March 30, 2014
ChromoZoom is both a platform where teachers and students can access and share educational timelines and also a web tool to be used in class for creating and customizing timelines. ChromoZoom provides a wide array of already made timelines on the history of the world.

Here are some of the features of ChromoZoom:

Zooming through Time
Zooming makes it possible to view Big History in a whole new way. You can browse through history on ChronoZoom, and explore an array of historical data including articles, images, video and audio. ChronoZoom’s timelines, exhibits and tours have been created by authors from a wide range of disciplines, and express unique and compelling views of history.

ChronoZoom links a wealth of information from five major regimes that unify all historical knowledge collectively known as Big History. Big History divides time into five major regimes: Cosmos, Earth, Life, Human Pre-History,Humanity.

A timeline is a specified period of history within a Regime. Each timeline can be divided into additional sub-timelines. Different disciplines, such geology and history, categorize time in different unit and thus some Exhibits (collections of multimedia content tied to a specific historical event of interest) may show up in more than one sub-timeline.

Exhibits are collections of multimedia content tied to a specific historical event of interest. Exhibits might include documents, videos, pictures, and other historical data.

A Bibliography is a list of sources for the information in the Exhibit. This is important to verify the accuracy of information and to provide Academic credit to the appropriate individuals. At the bottom of every Exhibit is a click to the Bibliography. Click the link to view the source materials.