A Simple iPad App to Create Story Books With Kids

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March 3 , 2014
Little Story Maker is a powerful iPad app that you can use with your students and kids to create story books.  I often get asked about educational apps to use with young learners to help them design creative stories and today's app is one I highly recommend for you.

Little Story Maker allows users to compose their stories using a combination of text, pictures, and narrated audio. The process of creating a story using this app is very simple and kids will not have any trouble putting it to action. just click add a story, give it a title then provide your text and images and start recording voice to add to it and voila, your story book is ready to be shared with others.

Some of the interesting features of Little Story Maker include:
  • Add as many stories as you can like
  •  Select one of two gorgeous story book templates
  •  Add your own voice - now your toddler can listen to the entire story in mommy's or daddy's voice
  • Add word highlights - Customize word highlights and make your stories interactive. Once added words are highlighted in red and respond to touch
  • Add picture highlights - Click on any picture within the edit mode to add picture highlights and make your stories interactive. Great for adding names or describing objects
  • Supports three playback modes - read to me, read by myself, and auto-play which automatically turns from page to page
  • Add your own photos in a click
  • Multi-sensory learning tool - combining seeing, hearing, and tactile feedback
  • Multi-language support - since you can edit all existing items and sounds so you can record everything in your native tongue