A New Fantastic Bloom's Taxonomy Wheel for iPad Apps

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March 21, 2014
Today while I was browsing through my Twitter feeds I came across this fabulous Bloom's Taxonomy wheel of apps shared by Anthony. If you still recall, some previous versions of this wheel have already been featured here in Bloom's Taxonomy for Teachers section .

As you can see, the wheel outlines a wide variety of verbs and activities related to each thinking level of Blooms taxonomy coupled with iPad apps that go with it. These apps are supposed to help teachers and students better cultivate these different thinking levels in their use of iPad apps. And because the the visual is not hyperlinked, I went ahead and provided the links for each of these apps in the lists below. Enjoy






This wheel is originally discovered on the website of Paul Hopkin's education consultancy site mmiweb.org.uk adopted by Allan Carrington.

ipad wheel