8 Powerful Extensions to Use on Google Spreadsheet

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March 12, 2014
As I mentioned in an earlier post today , Google recently announced the introduction of add-ons to Google Docs and Spreadsheets. With these add-ons installed, users will have access to a plethora of new features and services that were not available before. In this post, I am sharing with you some of the important add-ons you can install on your Spreadsheet to make it more practical. If you are looking for add-ons to use with Google Docs , check this post.

Add-ons for Spreadsheet:

1- Flubaroo

Flubaroo is a FREE add-on to Google Forms/Sheets which lets you quickly grade and analyze student performance on multiple choice and fill-in assignments. Within a minute you'll be able to:
  •  * Get scores for each student, and identify students in need of extra help. 
  • * View average score, and a histogram of scores. 
  • * Quickly identify questions which a majority of the students missed. 
  • * Email students their scores, along with optional notes to the class and/or to each student.

2- Doctopus

Doctopus increases student collaboration and enables a powerful shift in teacher workflow -- scaling teachers' ability to manage and assess writing tasks and projects that motivate rich, authentic student production (e.g. the development of core career, college, and 21st-century skills).
3- Template Gallery

Browse a large gallery of professionally designed templates, including calendars, schedules, invoices, time sheets, budgeting tools, letters, resumes, financial calculators, and more. When you find a template you want to use, click on the Copy to Google Drive button and the add-on will save a copy of the template into the root folder of your Google Drive.
4- Remove Duplicates

This add-on comes with two useful wizards. One will help you compare two different tables and remove duplicates; the other will search for unique and duplicate rows within one sheet. Use the "Compare two sheets" tool to quickly scan any columns in your tables for the same values. It will take you five simple steps to mark duplicates with color or delete them from your main table.
5- Advanced Find and Replace

Advanced Find and Replace add-on will help you complete any substitutions in your sheets in seconds. You can look for the record you need in hyperlinks hidden behind the display text, formulas, and even notes. The search in values is performed with advanced parameters as well: you can match case, retrieve the cells that contain only the exact entry, or get any text occurrences.
6- Styles

Now you can quickly add style to your spreadsheet by highlighting cells and choosing a style from the style viewer. This add-on will make adding beauty to your spreadsheet a breeze. It's so easy to use, all you need to do is select a few cells you want to style and then click one of the styles in the Style viewer sidebar.
7- More Fonts

More fonts works just like the default fonts in your spreadsheet. After selecting some cells to format, simply click More Fonts in the add-on menu and choose a font. If you want to choose from even more fonts and see what they look like, all you need to do is choose Show More Fonts in the menu. This will open the spreadsheet sidebar where you can see the full list of fonts formatted in their own style.
8- Remove Blank Rows

Do you have Sheets that contain nagging blank rows and it takes a lot of time to delete or hide them and not to mention the risk of accidentally deleting the wrong rows? If you do, get this add-on to quickly get rid of them. Once you have the add-on, click the demo button to give it a try.