8 Google Search Skills Every Student Should Have

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March 15, 2014
Teaching students how to become smart consumers of digital content starts with teaching them first how to effectively search the web and find what they are looking for. One wonderful resource I have been consulting for the last couple of years is Daniel Russell's blog SearResearch where he provides tips, ideas, activities, and lesson plans on how to engage and improve students search literacy.

A few months ago Russell shared a detailed article explaining some aspects of advanced Google searching.This TipSheet as he called it contains 8 skills students should develop in order for them to be able to conduct effective online searching. With each of these skills Russel provided a set of activities and a lesson plan to teach that skill to your students. I highly recommend that you have a look at his work and probably adapt some of his ideas with your students in your class. Below is a quick rou-up of these 8 search skills and you can access the regional article here . This article is also available in PDF format from this link.
  1.  Know what’s possible to ask.
  2.  Use more than 1 resource.
  3. Understand their language. 
  4. Understand terms / concepts / genre. 
  5. Know the capabilities of their tools (operators). 
  6. Know the structure of their information space. 
  7. Search for tools when you need one. 
  8. Know how to use different media types.
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