7 Important Tips for Providing Effective Feedback to Your Students

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March 20, 2014
Feedback is an essential element in the teaching/learning process. Through feedback students get to know how they are doing in their learning and through it too teachers learn about the usefulness of their teaching strategies and what should or should not change. However, the power of feedback as a pedagogical aid resides in knowing when and how to provide it to learners.

As Jam Chappuis argues, " effective feedback occurs during the learning, while there is still time to act on it." Also, feedback should not be the equivalent of grading or else students will "routinely read only as far as the grade". You should never confuse feedback with praising or advising. Feedback is something different, it is " information about how we are doing in our efforts to reach a goal"… read on to learn more about other things to remember about feedback.

This wonderful visual isfrom  inservice.ascd.org

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