6 Good Educational Web Tools to Teach Writing Through Comics

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March 2,  2014
Writing is a tedious cognitive act that is intellectually demanding for students.The approach we teacher and educators adopt towards  writing makes the different between a real engagement and apathy. Students usually view the writing process as personally revealing and thus they loose any kind of connection with it. Our job as teachers is to build this connection between student writers and the writing practice through engaging them in real and authentic tasks that speak to their immediate environment and provoke their intellectual curiosity.

Using comic strips is one powerful way to get students excited and motivated about the writing act. Students love to interact with visuals and tools such as the ones listed below will empower them to do just that. Using these comic strip generators , students will get  to engage in conversations using cartoonic characters and build stories and share their works with each other.

Here are some of the best educational web tools that students can use for creating comics and engaging in written discussions around different topics and stories.

1- Scholastic story starters

Scholastic Story Starters is my favourite of them all. it provides four story starter themes: adventure, sci-fi, fantasy, scrambler. Upon choosing a theme, students will be provided with a spinning wheel where they get to generate a story starter. To compose their stories, students will have the option to choose from four different formats: notebook, letter, newspaper, and postcard. After picking out the desired format and typing in their text, they can then either download their finished work or print it. This is all done without the need for a sign-up or registration.

2- Make Beliefs Comix 

This is another wonderful platform that students can use to practice their writing through generating strip comics. Similar to Scholastic Story Starter, Make Beliefs Comix also does not call for any sign-up or registration. Students are provided with a wide variety of characters, objects, seech bubbles, and thought cubes to use to create their stories. After they are done they can download, print or share their work through popular social media websites.

3- Storyboardthat

StoryboardThat is another good option for creating comic strips for students. It does provide a wide variety of services and options for students to tinker with when creating their comics but this comes at a price that is almost 6 dollars a month. The free version gives you only 14 days trial and does not allow you to upload your own images to use in comics.

4- Comic Master

Comic Master provides students with a  rich library of backgrounds and characters that they can use to  create  comic books and graphic novels. These comics can be shard for free with friends and also on social media websites.

5- Chogger

Chogger provides you with a comic builder that allows you to  draw your own comics, caption photos, take webcam pictures and add speech balloons. Read, rate, and comment on comics made by people from all around the world.
6- Witty Comics

Witty Comics is a simple to use web tool for students to generate comic dialogues. A set of Pre-drawn background scenes and characters are already provided and students will only select the ones they want to feature in their comics.