5 Terrific Web Tools to Create Academic Digital Portfolios

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January 5 , 2014
Digital portfolios are great ways for students to showcase their work and keep track of their learning. There are now a wide variety of web tools that allow users to easily create digital portfolios and share them with others. In a previous post here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning I featured a few of these tools and today I am adding more to this list.

1- Pathbrite

Pathbrite is a wonderful platform that allows users to create academic digital portfolios using different media. Pathbrite offers different templates for users to choose from and each portfolio can include things like : Google Docs, letters, Youtube and Vimeo videos, transcripts, popular social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn. Pathbrite also lets you important your materials like PDFs, Docs, Pictures, Videos and many more. Each portfolio created by Pathbrite can be shared via email or social media.

Watch this video to learn more about Pathbrite

2-  Google Sites

Google Sites is another wonderful platform I have been recommending for teachers and educators over the last couple of years. Creating a digital portfolio using Google Sites is pretty basic. Just head over to its home page, sign up and then click on create my site. Pick out a template for your site and give it a name and description  and there you go. Google Sites also allows you to upload your materials into your page including, files, PDFs, videos, pictures and HTML codes.

3- Silk

Silk is a web tool that you can use to create beautiful webpages where you can create, edit, and share your digital portfolios. Each page comes in with a variety of themes to choose from. Silk gives you more ways to structure and visualize your content. A Silk page consists of collections that hold together similar pages, and supports raging important bits of information on each page.

4- Weebly

Weebly is a platform that lets you set up a web page in a matter of few clicks. It also provides pre-set themes and templates to use with your webpage and provides you with powerful authoring tools to add materials and cease content on your pages.

5- Dropr

Dropr provides you with a space where you can create web pages to host your images, videos and audio. Each of these pages has its own unique URL. Dropr editor is very easy to use and with just drag and drop you can upload and share all types of content : pictures, music, videos, 3D, interactive stuff and many more