5 Good Tools to Help You Flip Your Classroom

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March 22, 2014
Making the transition to a flipped classroom can be quite a trial. Not only are you changing your daily routine and lessons, but also the software and hardware you use. If you need a hand (and who doesn't?), here are some tools to help you flip your classroom.


 Capture lessons with Swivl to improve teacher effectiveness and student performance by turning class time into content creation time.


 Turn any document into a class discussion with a commenting system that appears right next to the text.

Math Pickle

 This free collection of hand-picked K-12 math videos is gathered together and organized by a math teacher.

Novation Launchpad

 Create a soundtrack for your lesson plan with this feature-rich iPad music app for DJs and professionals.


If you have an Apple TV in your classroom, this iOS app lets you turn it into a gigantic yet readable web browser.


Transform your videos into interactive lessons by adding websites, polls, maps, etc. right into the videos themselves.

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