5 Excellent Drawing Apps for Kids

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March 12, 2014
One of the tested ways to unleash kids creativity and enhance their power of imagination is through drawing. This has become even way easier and practical using  the different web tools and mobile apps available out there for  free. I have already featured several of these tools and apps in previous posts here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. Today, however, I want to share with you some  new wonderful iPad apps for getting kids to draw. Check them out below:

1- Draw Your Stories

It helps with visualizing the information which is a very important piece for comprehension skills It can be used for a variety of children including special educations students who have language learning deficits, reading comprehension deficits, and specific learning disability due to language weaknesses. Promotes language through motor skills modality It helps with active participation skills Promotes internal motivation to keep listening and interacting in the task.
2- Draw Along with Stella and Sam

Draw along with Stella and Sam in this fun new art app. Pick a shape, decorate it and watch it come to life in a delightful animation. Choose the photo sticker tool to snap a picture and use it decorate your shape. Save images and animations to your Photo Album and share them with friends and family. The Stella and Sam Apps combine stunning animation with elegantly-designed activities.
3- Let's Learn How to Draw

Interactive lessons teach you by breaking everything down into simple pieces. Animated strokes show you how each line should look and help you to build each drawing one shape at a time. Still too hard? Turn on Assist Mode and your strokes will be automatically corrected, giving you a masterpiece every time. Tired of structured learning? Use the scratchpad to mix paint and doodle to your heart's content.
4- How to Draw

Specially for kids, How To Draw app offers Coloring pages where you can paint any ready image from the online Catalog. You may color an image following our example or just color it in a way you like.
5- Sand Drawing

With Timbuktu Sand Drawing, you can have hours of zen play with your kids as if you were at the beach! It doesn't matter what your age or ability level is, Timbuktu Sand Drawing is beneficial to the development of visual language and problem solving skills for children and grown-ups alike. To start using this app:
  • Pick a tool to draw in the sand
  • Choose your favorite decorations and make them part of the drawing
  • Make waves to clear the sand and start a new creation 

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