3 Great Tools Students Can Use to Create Audio Slideshows and Presentations

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March 31, 2014
Audio slideshows are good way for students to use when narrating a story or explaining a process. Audio narrations give pictures louder voice and are an effective tools in storytelling. You can use audio presentations in your class to engage students and to draw out important higher order thinking skills. Below are some of the best tools for creating audio slideshows, check them out and see which one you like the most.


UtellStory is a multimedia storytelling and sharing community where you can easily create and share stories with audio, image, video and words. You don’t have to use all of these media together in one story but you can if its necessary. A story can be as simple as one photo or can be a combination of multiple images, video, audio recording and background music. The idea is to empower you to tell your stories, engage your students and make an impact.

2- Narrable

Narrable is another good web tool that you can use with your students to create audio narrations.The process is very easy and simple: upload pictures you have on your computer, then add a soundtrack to them ( this can be an audio recording you do with your mic or one you already have on your computer) and share your final work with others through email or social media.

3- YouTube Audio Slideshows

Using YouTube to create photo slideshow is quite easy and students will definitely love to work on it. Here is how to create your photo presentation peppered with music and different transitions.

1- First you need to be logged in to your YouTube account. Now click on " Upload"

2- Select " create " under photo slideshow

3- Select the photos for your slideshow. If you have them stored on your computer then simply click on " upload photos" or use the drag and drop option

4- You can always add more photos by clicking on " add more photos "

3- Click on " next " then choose from the featured tracks to use with your photos or you can search for other tracks using the search panel provided there. To add a track to your photo slideshow, just click on it and it will automatically be added.

5- Customize the timing of your slides by clicking on " slide duration", you can also select " slide effects" to use with your slide and choose your preferred transition .

6- If you are satisfied with your work, click on " upload ' and your photo slideshow will be broadcast on your channel and ready to share with others.

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