Under 30 Minutes Tutorials on Google Drive, Docs, Forms, Spreadsheets and Drawing

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February, 2014
Today while I was preparing a workshop on digital writing for graduate students in my university I came across this useful resource featuring an array of practical video tutorials on different Google services including: Gmail, G Calendar, GDrive, GDocs, GForms, GSpreadsheets, GPresentations,GDrawings, GSites. These tutorials are 30 minute screencasts of webinars.

Apart from this section on webinars,  the site contains some other invaluable materials related to technology integration in education. The Apps for Education section, for instance features a wide variety of iOS and Android apps to use in your classroom. Another section which I have been browsing and found really helpful is the "web 2.0 tools " page which lists tons of educational web tools organized under different categories.

 I definitely recommend that you spend sometime on this website and grab some tools and apps to use in your class.