Two Handy Blogging Rubrics for Teachers to Use with Their Students

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February 20, 2014
There is no blinking the fact that blogging has a wide range of educational pluses for students in different grades. Besides improving their literacy skills such as reading and writing, it also provides them with an outlet through which they can voice out their own ideas and opinions. It basically helps them sustain their own voice and share their learning experiences with their peers and with other learners from different schools in all around the world. With the proliferation of web 2.0 technologies, creating a classroom blog becomes as easy as sending a tweet and there are now a plethora of free and easy to use platforms to host your classroom blog. Here are some of them.

For students to benefit from the educational potential of blogging, teachers need to state clearly the objectives behind integrating blogs in classroom learning. They should also monitor and encourage students to post and interact with what their peers share  through leaving comments. To this end , I am sharing with you rubrics to help you better integrate blogging as an academic tool within your instruction.

1- This rubric is from, click Here to download the entire 4 pages rubric

2- This one is from Langwitches

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