Timeline.tv is A Great Video Timeline Tool for Teachers and Students

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February 11, 2014
This is a quick post to share with you a wonderful resource I came across while I on a post on social studies resources for teachers.  Timeline.tv is a platform that features a plethora of timelines on different historical events. This could be a great resource for teachers of history and social studies.

Each timeline is made up of several videos illustrating the different events covered in it. Clicking on any event you will be provided with a title and a short description of the event and a video on the left for students to watch. I have been going through the Natzi Germany timeline and I really enjoyed the videos it has. Below is a snapshot of this timeline

The overall number of timelines featured in this platform are 6 :  Nazi Germany, A History of Britain, Medicine Through Time, The American West, The Edwardians, American Voices.

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