The 8 Essential Elements of Project Based Learning

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February 13 , 2014
We have been talking a lot about the importance of project based learning as an integrative teaching and learning approach. One of the curses of the excessive use of digital media is "the scattered attention" or "short-lived mindfulness" or what is euphemistically called "multi-tasking". This inability for our students and learners to properly manage their attention does have some severe repercussions on their overall scholarly achievement. It also makes teachers teaching task a daunting one.

Project-based learning is one useful approach to use in class to keep students focused and increase their engagement with the learning materials in the long run. PBL also promotes collaborative learning and cultivates a culture of team work and interdependent learning within the class. PBL section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning has a wide range of resources to help teachers learn more about this concept.

Today I am sharing another resource to this list . This is basically a 4 pages document featuring the 8 essential elements of project based learning shared by The Buck Institute of Education.

 In brief, these are the 8 elements this document features and I highly recommend that you read the full article from BIS page.

  • Significant content
  • A need to know
  • A driving question
  • Student voice and choice
  • 21st century skills
  • Inquiry and innovation
  • Feedback and revision
  • Publicly presented content

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