The 7 Skills Kids Can Develop from Playing Lego

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February 2, 2014
Since its creation in 1940, Lego has grown into a worldwide phenomenon of far reaching repercussions, particularly in the field of education. Lego was created in Denmark and started as a set of stackable, interlocking colorful plastic pieces that can be assembled and re-assembled in a number of infinite possibilities. Lego became so popular among kids from the four corners of the world that the company finally decided to integrate educational products and curricula to allow teachers to use them in their classrooms.

How are lego used in education? What educational benefits they have for kids ? What are the skills lego develop? The beautiful graphic below ( from Daily infographic) has answers to these questions. Read on to learn more.

Skills Lego develop :
  1. Lego provides tools that develop lateral thinking in a fun environment
  2. It teaches kids to think in three dimensions
  3. It improves literacy as kids work with instructions
  4. It develops problem-solving, organization, and planning by construction
  5. It improves creativity
  6. It enhances communication and critical thinking
  7. It boosts kids motor development.
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