Adding Voice Comments to Google Docs Got Better Now

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February, 2014
Kaizena is one of my favourite web tools for adding comments to Google Docs. When granting Kaizena access to your Google Drive you will be able to add both text and voice comments to your documents and anyone who has access to these documents can also see these comments. This could be a great way for sharing audio as well as written feedback with students .

A few days ago, Kaizena rolled out some interesting new features to its service. With this new update, users now can import not only documents they have stored on their Drive but they can also import entire folders :
We’ve made it a lot easier for you to import a large volume of documents. You can now import folders - including a folder that may have sub-folders and files within those subfolders. We’ve also introduced an Archive feature, which allows you to remove a document from your documents list without deleting the feedback within, so people you’ve shared the document with will not be affected.
Watch this video to learn more about Kaizena

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