A Wonderful Chart Outlining Top Search Engines for Your Students

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February, 2014
In line with what we have been talking about in the " 6 skills for researching online information", I am am also adding another wonder resources I came across today. This resource is provided by Noodletools featuring a number of important search engines that you can probably recommend to your students.

The search engines included in this list are categorized according to what you can do with them. For instance, there are search platforms for academic purposes, others to help you narrow down the scope of your topic or find facts, another set of search engines allow you to do research on a specific discipline and many more.

Upon checking these resources, I found out that a few of them are no longer up and running like for instance the academic search platform Intute which has been closed since 2011 but the archive is still there for anyone to check. Apart from this inconvenience everything else sounds great for classroom integration.

Here is a snapshot of this page and you can access the original article HERE.