A Quick Visual Guide on How to Create An eBook from Wikipedia Articles

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February 18, 2014
It's been awhile now since Wikipedia has made it possible for users to create formatted eBooks from the content of its pages. Wikipedia provides you with an integrated tool called "Book Creator" which upon enabling it allows you to create ebooks from wikipedia content. These ebooks can be downloaded in different formats.

 As a teacher you can use this tool with your students to allow them to aggregate learning materials they need to work on into a single downloadable eBook.And yes there are no issues with copyright because all the content of Wikipedia is available under a Creative Commons ( share alike) license.

Here is how you can compile Wikipedia articles into an ebook :

1- First head over to Wikipedia and preferably log in but you do not need to log in to do this.

2- On the tool box on the right hand click on " Print 'Export" and select : 'create a book'. Click on " start a book" button

2- Click on "Start Book Creator"  to enable your book creator .

3- Head over to any article you want to add to your ebook and click on " add this page to your book" which appears on the top of each article

4- After you added all the articles you want click on " show book"

5-  Give it a title and subtitle and choose how many columns you want

6- Now choose the downloadable format you want for your ebook and click download.

If you need some help with what each ebook format is good for, then check out this article.