A Quick Guide to Using Diigo with Your Students

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February 27, 2014
Social bookmarking is an online phenomenon that has seen the light in the last few years particularly with the outburst of web 2.0 technologies or what author Will Richardson calls the read/write web. To put it simply, a social bookmarking service is a web tool that allows you to not only bookmark web documents (as traditional bookmarking did) but also to annotate, edit, tag and share them with others. Social bookmarking can also be a collaborative endeavour in which a group of users share links with the same tags.

this snapshot is taken from the presentation below

In a previous post I published here a few weeks ago, I mentioned a list of some powerful social bookmarking tools that teachers can use with their students. Today I am going to put under the spotlight one great social bookmarking tool from this list: Diigo.

The Prezi presentation  created by Atwell  will walk you through the process of how to use Diigo for bookmarking, saving highlighted pages, sharing with other educators, and implementing with students.

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