A New Google Drive Update to Enhance Group Work

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February 6, 2014

A couple of weeks ago Google Drive released a new interesting updated called new stream activity which allows users with  a single, easy-to-view place to review every action taken on your files and folders. This is great for tracking changes and edits to shared folders.

When you open Drive, click the ⓘ button in the top right corner and the activity stream will appear, showing you who has taken action on files and folders in My Drive. You’ll see a rundown of what your team has been doing, such as editing and commenting on notes, adding a new spreadsheet, renaming a presentation.

Some other features you will have access to include :
  • The ability to only see what interests you. This can be through selecting any file or folder and the stream will change instantly to show information relevant to that item.
  • It also became easier to take quick actions on your folders like rename, share, organize and more with a new drop-down menu at the top of each shared folder. Below this menu you'll see the entire folder hierarchy so you can jump to a different folder with a single click. And you can see profile pictures to help you understand exactly who has access to the shared folder.