8 Practical Tools to Easily Gather Student Feeback

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February 4, 2014
Students feedback can sometimes host a treasure trove of new insights not only about their own comprehension but also about our teaching. Giving students the opportunity to share their own response on the learning taking place in the classroom is highly beneficial to them particularly in the way they position themselves vis a vis the content being taught. They also feel empowered because they know their voice does matter and therefore become more engaged and involved in the learning/teaching process.

There are a wide variety of web tools teachers can use to gather informal feedback and responses from students. I have sifted through some of these web applications and ended up with the list below. I only highlighted the ones I believe are most relevant for a classroom setting.

1- Socrative

Saocrative is one of my favourite tools for getting feedback from users. Teachers can use the different question types provided by Socrative to poll their students and garner their feedback in a variety of formats using both smartphones or computers.

TodaysMeet is a great web tool for creating backchannels with your students. It is very easy and simple to use. You can use it in your class to engage students in sideline discussions and chats around a given topic. The process to set up a backchannel via TodaysMeet is very easy: first, create a room and given it a name and a duration then share the URL of that room with your students and start the chat.

Poll Everywhere is another powerful web tool to collect feedback from your audience. This tool provides you with a variety of templates and feedback forms to choose from.Audience answers in real time using mobile phones, Twitter, or web browsers. The neat feature I like the most about PollEverywhere is that it lets you see your response live on the web or in a PowerPoint or Keynote presentation.

Google Forms is another practical way to gather responses from your students. You can create forms based on what you want to poll your students on and share the URL with them. You will be able to see results of the poll in realtime and will also have a spreadsheet copy of the results to share with students.

Kwiqpoll is a web application that allows you to set up a poll form in a matter of few clicks. It does not even require any signup. Just fill in your textual input, set a voting time period and answer the security answer and there you go, your poll is ready to share with your students or via popular social media websites.

Simple Meet is similar to TodaysMeet. It is an easy to use service that enables you to chat instantly with everyone from within your favourite web browser, without any account or software to install.

Mentimeter allows you to use mobile phones or tablets to vote on any question you specify. This is how it works:
  • Create your question
  • Let your audience vote using their mobile phones or tablets
  • Show the result to your audience in real-time
Backchan.nl is a tool for involving audiences in presentations by letting them suggest questions and vote on each others' questions. backchan.nl is intended for conference or event organizers who want a new way to solicit questions from the audience and make better use of question and answer time.

9- PresentersWall

PresentersWall is a web-based voting tool that allows teachers to create questions and statements in a web-interface. These questions can be shown on-screen during class and students can answer these questions with their own smartphone or tablet. All they need to do is visit a web-URL to enter the mobile app and give in their answers. Results of the voting will be visualized real-time on screen in pie charts, bar charts and tag clouds. With PresentersWall, it is also possible to have students ask their questions anonymously. In this way, even the shy students will be able to ask their questions easily!