8 Good iPad Poetry Apps for Teachers and Students

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February, 2014
This is the first list of iPad poetry apps I have ever posted here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning. I was really intrigued by the idea of compiling a list specifically for poetry instruction and never had the chance to do it till this weekend when I finally was snowed in an stuck in my house. I did some scouring and came up with the titles below. Have a look and share with your colleagues.

1- Poetry Daily

Poetry Daily is an anthology of contemporary poetry. Each day, it brings you a new poem from new books, magazines, and journals, chosen from the work of a wide variety of poets to provide you with a window on the broad range of poetry offered annually by publishers large and small.

2- Poet's Pad

Poet's Pad™ contains powerful idea generating tools that are designed to inspire creative expression and eliminate writer's block.

3- Verses Notebook

It’s a simple, attractive app that lets you write and save poetry on the go. It has the added bonus of helping you find rhymes for your words!"

4- Poetry Everywhere

POETRY EVERYWHERE is a collection of short poetry videos featuring contemporary poets reading their own works, introduced by Garrison Keillor. It’s pure poetry! With easy navigation, this app is a sure way to provide reflection and inspiration.

5- iPoertry

iPoetry features an eclectic mix of poetry covering many subject areas from independent poets with new contributions published regularly in both text and video formats. iPoetry offers insights into life experiences from different points of view, humor, delight, a deep emotion and connection with poets thoughts lives and culture.

6- American Poetry

American Poetry is a fully searchable compendium of 5,000 poems by 50 of America's greatest poets, each poem is displayed in its entirety. The collection contains poems of Robert Frost, e.e. cummings, Edgar Allan Poe, Langston Hughes, Emily Dickinson, Ezra Pound, Walt Whitman, T.S. Eliot, Sylvia Plath, Stephen Crane and many other famous poets.

7- Poet for iPad

Poet for iPad is the way to write poetry on your iPad with joy. Easy to use rhyme suggestions navigator with big rhyme (and synonyms) dictionary will help you create heart-candy poems for your loved ones. When you need to give your words a little better shape, Poet is here to help you.

8- Glossary of Poetry Terminology

Poetry Glossary provides you a comprehensive list of terms related to Poetic terminology with its short description/meaning which guides you in understanding the terminology better.