4 Great Rubrics to Develop Students Presentations and Speaking Skills

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February 20, 2014
Looking for some rubrics to hone in your students presentation skills ? The rubrics below will definitely be of great help. I came across these materials on Discovery Assessment in an article written by Dona Criswell and I really liked them specially that they cover different grades. However, it should be noted that these rubrics are the property of Bucket Institute of Education, a leading source on project based learning materials and for some reasons the download link Donna provided is not working so I am hoping you will be able to have rough idea of how to create your own rubric based on these samples here.

1- Presentation rubric for grades k-2 click here to see a larger version.

2- Presentation rubric for grades 3-5, click here to see a larger version.

3-  Presentation rubric for grades 6-8, click here to see a larger version.

4-  Presentation rubric for grades 9-12.

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