4 Great National Geographic Timelines to Share with Your Students

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February 18,  2014

Today while I was browsing  National Geographic website  checking some resources on the topic of geo-literacy ( I will  share a post about it tomorrow ) I came across some wonderful timelines compiled by the folks of National Geographic. These timelines span four major themes : Women Explorers, History of National Geographic, Space Exploration and Underwater Explorations.

After going through these timelines I decided to share them with you here and also add them to the timelines section here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning.

1- Women Explorers

This timeline features some leading women explorers who had travelled  the globe from the forests of West Africa to Andes, bringing with them some beautiful pictures and stories about different cultures and amazing nations.

2- History of National Geographic

This timeline chronicles the major historical moments that marked the explorative journey of National Geographic from the early 1988( the year of its foundation) all the way to 2007.

3- Space Explorations

This timeline features the major spaceflights in the history of mankind. It starts with John Glenn's orbit around the globe in 1962 and ends up with Virgin Galactic tourist flights to space.

4- Underwater Explorations

This timeline chronicles the major developments and inventions that made the dream of underwater diving a possibility.