Great Pinterest Resources for Art Teachers

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Art learning helps students develop a wide range of skills including motor skills, psycho-social skills, and language skills. Art also nurtures creativity, inventiveness and risk-taking pushing kids to think out of the box and to explore the world around them from different perspectives. 

Artful thinking is therefore a cognitive approach that makes use of art-based strategies to analyze and understand phenomena and to communicate in  expressive ways. The purpose behind learning art, I believe, is to develop a growth mindset, one that welcomes diverse perspectives and is open to new learning experiences.

Once the seeds of artful thinking are planted in kids, they keep growing and growing empowering kids with the skills necessary to not only thrive in a knowledge economy but also to connect and understand the world at a deeper level.  

Art is all about making connections, seeing behind the lines, and becoming a better version of us. To this end, I devoted an entire section to art education featuring various educational resources to help with the integration of art into teaching practice.

In today's post, I am sharing with you a collection of helpful Pinterest art boards where teachers can access resources curated specifically for art teachers and students. 

Whether you are looking for ideas for your art lessons, how-to guides, tutorials,  or inspiration for your future art projects, these boards have you covered. You can use them together with art websites and YouTube art channels to effectively integrate art in your teaching and enhance students art learning.

1. Teaching Art

Explore this collection of curated pins featuring resources on various topics related to art teaching. These include resources on art history, free art curriculum for kids, art lesson plans for busy teachers, elementary art lessons for kids, 1st grade art projects, 30 ways to teach art without a textbook, elements of the art room, colour theory bundle and more.

2. Art Room Posters

This collection features a wide variety of art posters and visuals perfect for usage with your students in class. Some of the titles include Dinosaurs Art poster, The Benefits of Using an Art Room Mantra, Art Room Decor Resources, Art Room Signage, Vintage Mineralogie poster, Vintage Mushroom posters, Tools of Creativity Poster, 80 Art Exhibition Poster, Floral posters, The Bubble Process poster, and more.

3. Art Lessons Elementary

This collection features a plethora of art lesson plans to use in your classroom teaching. These include: 36 Elementary Art Lessons for Kids, The Ultimate List of Distance Learning Art Projects, How to Guide for a First Year Art Teacher, Warhol Art Projects for Kids, How to Bring Indigenous Culture into Art Lessons, Absract Art Activity: Art for Kids, 6th Grade Art Lessons and Projects, 10 Art Sub Lessons that Only Need A Pencil, and more.

4. Art Classroom Decor

This is a collection of pins featuring resources related to everything art classroom decor. A sample of resources shared here include:Classroom Sing Diversity, Art Print Classroom Decor, 3 Ways to Use Memes in the Art Room, 51 Best Classroom Decoration Ideas, Art Rooms Windows, Art Room Tour, Setting Up The Art Classroom, Watercolor Classroom Decor Theme, 27 Rainbow Bulletin Boards to Brighten Up Your Classroom, Classroom Door Decoration Ideas, 35+ Excellent DIY Classroom Decoration Ideas and Themes, and more.

Here are some other notable Pinterest art boards to check out: