14 Excellent YouTube Math Channels for Teachers and Students

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February 10, 2014
Since the posting of "20 Great Math Websites for Teachers and Students", I have received some requests from math teachers asking for websites that provide quality math videos. Upon checking my archive and some other online resources, I deemed it necessary to compile this list of Math YouTube channels to share with you. These are basically channels where you can have access to a wide variety of math videos and tutorials to help your students with Math. I have included only what I believe are the best Math channels out there. Check out this selection and share with your colleagues.

1- Mr. Robb’s Math Videos:
This channel originally started out as a means for students to remember their lessons after class has been dismissed, but grew into an exceptionally comprehensive resource on almost all things mathematical.

TenMarks' web-based math program is used by students across 25,000 schools and 7,000 districts. Each day, students in all 50 states use TenMarks to solve millions of math problems, improving their math skills and confidence.

3- Mathademics:
Mathademics is a community learning tool based out of Northern Illinois. Mathademics video tutorials are created by certified teachers who are dedicated to improving and making learning accessible to all students.

This is one of the most popular YouTube channels that offers free video lessons and tutorials on a wide range of subjects including Math. You can also access more Math content, activities, and exercises on their website.

5- The Video Math Tutor:
This is a useful channel that provides several tutoring math videos covering different topics including basic math lessons, calculator tips, and brain teasers.

Brightstorm offers hundreds of short videos with fun teachers for all high school subjects including Math, Science and  English; plus Test Prep programs.

7- Numberphile
If you are a math teacher who wants to teach numbers differently, this channel has some videos to help you do it.

8- PatrickJMT Free Math Videos:
With nearly 200,000 subscribers, this channel is considered to be one of the best math channels on YouTube. It has videos on different topics such as calculus, derivatives, differential equations, limits, integrals, and more.

9- Mathematics Online:
This channel offers math videos on  geometry formula derivations and more.

Yourteacher.com is another great YouTube channel that offers free math lessons from geometry to preparations for different tests.

11- Mathcasts
Mathcasts is a maths' revision website made to help you prepare for your maths exams. It has lots of videos for KS3, GCSE and A level. All videos have practice questions to try

12- Statistics Learning Center:
With clear, short, entertaining videos, learn the basics of statistics from an expert teacher.

13- WOWmath
WOWmath provides videos covering the entire year of Algebra 1and 2 and AP Calculus AB. You can also  check WOWmath.org for more resources and videos in a more organized format.

14- YayMath
YayMath is a YouTube channel created by a Math teacher where he shares with his students video math lessons live from the class.