Two Handy iPad Apps to Create 3D Drawings and Models

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January 19, 2014
How about engaging your students in a mobile  3D drawing and creating experience? This is now possible thanks to some excellent apps available for free in the app store. I am sharing with you two of these wonderful apps and invite you to try them out with your students. If you know about other titles to add to this list please share with us on the Facebook page of this blog.

1- 123D Creature

This is an iPad app that allows you to design 3D characters using Autodesk 123D creature. You can
Design your creature, then sculpt detailed features and paint on skin, fur, feathers, or whatever you imagine. Export your finished creature as an image or 3D model, or have it 3D printed into a real sculpture!

2- 123D Catch

Catch lets you turn the pictures you took via your camera into 3D interactive models that you can share with your friends and colleagues . Here how Catch works:

  • Start by creating a skeleton – drag joints to create new limbs, or to adjust their position.
  • Adjust the thickness of your creature’s skeleton by dragging the shaping rings.
  • 123D Creature will keep your model symmetrical automatically.
  •  Once you’re done creating the basic skeletal structure of your creature bake it in the digital kiln before adding additional sculptural detail.
  • In the sculpting room you can refine the surface shape using tools from the popular 123D Sculpt app. Sculpt out or in, smooth and sharpen and flatten, until your creature is complete. 
  • Use the airbrush to paint on color, or use Image Paint to rub areas of a photo from your image library onto your creature to add realistic details. 
  • Bring your creature into the Render room where you can adjust the lights, background, and filter effects to generate amazing scenes and images and share them on Facebook, Email, Twitter, or save to your image library.

Courtesy of Richard Byrne.