Two Great iPad Timeline Apps for Hisrory and Social Studies Teachers

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Timelines are a great way to teach students about relevant topics in discrete bits. While they are mainly used in History and Social Studies classes, anyone can easily create a content timeline and share it with students. Here is a set of some practical iPad apps to help you do so.

Below are two wonderful free timelines on American Revolution and Titanic I picked out for you. Check them out and share with your students.

1- American Revolution Timeline

This app which is designed specifically for iPad features the main important events that marked the Aemrican revolution in a very graphically rich timeline. It provides videos, images via an interactive timeline displaying artwork, weapons, clothing, objects, and manuscripts from the Center’s collection.

2- Titanic Timeline

This is another wonderful interactive timeline that provides users with an in-depth picture of the process of building the biggest moving object of its time. This app allows you to watch this ship being rebuilt in a simulated time lapse.