The Impact of Google on Our Memory

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January 15, 2014

What is the last time you memorized  something? do you still retain it in your memory or has it faded away? Memorization, though severely undermined  in progressivists works, is an important mechanism by which our brains keep their alertness and readability to quickly take in and absorb new information. This intricate relationship between memorization and  brain powers is clearly documented in cognitive science and while the scope of this short post does not permit to go over some of the scientific studies in favour of this claim, I would  recommend for those of you keen on learning more about this to read Michael E Reese wonderful book Improve Memory: Boost Your Brain Power .

So what is it that makes us memorize less now than anytime in history ? Is digital media and internet technologies have anything to the with recess of the abilities of our memories? To answer part of these questions. I invite you to check out the visual below. While the visual covers only the impact of using Google on our memory , I believe, the same applies to everything else making our digital habitat.

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