TED Launched TED-Ed Clubs for Schools

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January 11, 2014

TED-Ed Clubs is a new program aimed to get students and young learners all around the world the space and time to pursue their larding passions and to support them in presenting those ideas in the form of short ted like talks.
TED-Ed Clubs is a flexible, school-based program that supports students in discussing, pursuing and presenting their big ideas in the form of short TED-style talks. Watch the video or explore the stories below to learn more.

The Mission of TED-Edclubs is to celebrate the best ideas of young people around the world. Here is how it works :
  • Visit TED-Ed Clubs and fill up the club application form
  • Once approved you will receive access to a set of free tools designed to help you start TED Ed Club at your school.
  • There are 13 suggested meetings and each meeting held club members gain discrete presentation skills and the final meeting, club members present their ideas in the form of short TED-like talks.
  • Teachers can nominate presentations to be featured on TED Ed or at the annual TED youth conference.
How to start a TED-Ed Club 

This is step-by-step guide for starting a TED-Ed Club at your local school or community organization.

Watch this video to learn more about TED-Ed Clubs