New Interesting Updates to eduClipper for iPad Including Sending Video and Audio Feedback to Students

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January 30, 2014
eduClipper has recently released a new update to its iPad app making it thus possible for teachers to give their students feedback in the form of audio, video or written format. additionally, students can use eduClipper to create clips from the web, Drive, and Dropbox. They can also create their own personalized learning portfolios that embed a wide variety of materials.

Other features that eduClipper provides for its users include :
  • + Explore top quality education resources for K-12
  • + Use your camera to capture awesome work that you create
  • + Create differentiated groups and share content with them
  • + Create Personal Learning Portfolios
  • + Create Class Portfolios as a teacher and share Assignments with students
  • + Provide quality feedback through video, audio, text, badges, or grades
  • + Collaborate with other users on eduClipboards for class projects or personal interests