Lessons and Apps for The iPad in Visual Art

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iPad is a versatile tool that can be used like a Swiss Knife, you mention it and there is an app for it. One of the cognitive areas we can improve through the use of iPad is creativity. There are several excellent apps out there that are specifically designed to unleash learners creativity, drawing and painting tools are some of them. Having access to apps is one thing but using them effectively is another thing and that's where a  practical guide such as the one below comes in handy.

iPad Art is a wonderful free eBook that features a plethora of hands-on activities , apps and tools to get students engaged in the creative process.

This book explores a range of lessons, apps and ideas for teachers using mobile devices in the classroom. With practical, hands-on guides and examples from real teaching and learning experiences, Cathy Hunt explores the possibilities for your own iPad Art Room. You'll see how the iPad can engage students in art-making, enhance creativity and create possibilities for transformational teaching and learning.
Cathy is an experienced Teacher, Apple Distinguished Educator and the founder of ipadartroom.com, an on-line community for teaching and learning in 21st Century Visual Art.