iPad Outline App is Now Free Used to Cost $15 Don't Miss It

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I just learned from iPadsammy that Outline has gone free. It used to cost $15 and now is completely free to download and use. I have been using Outline on my iPad for some few months now and I really love it. Outline is a robust app for note taking and drawing. Everything you create into it is saved in a notebook format  with sections, groups and pages exactly like the old paper notebook.

Some of the features that Outline provides for its users include :

  • A powerful text editor with a variety of built-in styles and lists that allow you to type anywhere in the page as if you are writing in a paper notebook.
  • It provides a good organizational framework where you can arrange your notes into sections and subsections.
  • it allows you to draw and sketch using a set of built-in pens
  • You can use the highlighter tools to express your ideas  and emphasize text in one easy stroke
  • You can also use it to annotate images and text notes with colourful links