Interesting Flow Chart on Teacher Confidence in Use of Technology

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Technology use in the classroom is more a matter of mindset than know-how. Teachers with a growth mindset tend to embrace, explore, and discover the techy world more confidently than others. This is because these folks embrace failure and mistakes and instead of giving it a chance to inhibit their learning progress they capitalize on it for the betterment of their teaching. They are usually seeking help from their tech savvy colleagues and sometimes from their knowledgeable students.

Confidence in using digital media with your students plays a decisive role in the overall process and attainment of your predefined goals behind integrating technology in your teaching. Of course it is a human thing to feel less confident in areas out of your confort zone but the trick is in how ready you are to accept new circumstances and mitigate their unrestfulness, so to speak.

Mark Anderson from ICt Evangelist has created this wonderful flow chart that will definitely help you better understand your position as to the level of confidence you have towards technology use. I invite you to give it a think and share with us what you think of it.

technoligy confidence in class