Excellent Writing Prompts to Use with Your Students ( Web Tools and iPad Apps )

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January 21, 2014
A story can be powerful. It can convey a thought, experience, or lesson in a compelling and memorable way. Similarly, telling a story can be a powerful way to remember a thought, experience, or lesson. Use the tools below to help your students not only gain a proficiency in writing, literacy, and critical thinking, but also express themselves in a process that is compelling to both the teller and the listener.

Writing Prompts

 Sometimes storytellers need a spark. This iOS & Android app contains 600 creative writing prompts to set their inspiration ablaze.

 Need to fix up a photo with filters, cropping, re-sizing, re-coloring, and more? Here's a free app that's available on the web, iOS, and Android.

 How about a simple way to add text to a photo? And not just regular text, but text that curves, swirls, and goes in any ole' direction? This will do.

If you are writing a complex story, sometimes you need a handy way to record your thoughts. This notebook iPad & Android app can help.

 And if you are writing a simple poem, this free web app suggests rhymes, counts syllables, and gives you a clutter-free place to work.

 Finally, put it all together in this web-based storytelling creator. Stories are presented in short paragraphs over faded photographs.

More collections :

Digital Storytelling Tools 

A collection of 100+ tools for presenting and storytelling. Curated by teacher librarian Dr. Joyce Valenza.

 A collection of iPad apps students can use for writing. Curated by technology director Ben Sondgeroth.