Digital Literacy Simply Explained

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Common Craft has recently rolled out a new video in which leefever explained what digital literacy is all about. I love Leefevr video explanations and I think students will find them much easier to follow and comprehend.

Literacy is the first human invention that has transformed the human life forever. It is thanks to literacy that human thinking developed to include more abstract and syllogistic concepts which constituted the foundational pillars of science. Literacy also enabled humans to build a civilization through the encoding and sharing of collective wisdom.

Digital literacy is an offshoot of Literacy ( with capital L) and is just as important in our life  as was basic literacy  to ancient societies.

"It's not just gadgets and websites, digital literacy means using technology thoughtfully and responsibly. Today, digital literacy is not a privilege or just a convenience, it's an expected and often required part of being productive and responsible citizen, by inviting more people to become digitally literate we can improve our own future in the way basic literacy  improved societies in the past "

Share this video with your students and help them learn more about digital literacy.

Courtesy of Richard Byrne from whom I learned about this video.

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