An Awesome Visual Explanation of Competency Based Education

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Following the posting of " 10 Competencies Students Need to Thrive in The Future ", I was sent this beautiful visual on competency based education and thought to share it with you as well. The graphic is created by Mia from anethicalisland, one of my favourite resource of educational infographics, and touches on the defining elements of a competency based approach to education. A competency is a broader concept that encompasses a wide range of skills. Therefore a competency oriented approach to education does by implication aim at the cultivation of a set of skills in accordance with a set of predefined goals.

And as Mia stated below, there are 5 steps to  a competency based education :

1- Define and state the ultimate goal of your teaching program
2- Design the path. What does a student need to accomplish the ultimate goal ?
3-Design authentic assessment for each competency
4- Create learning options
5-Gamify the course to promote motivation and engagement.

Check out the full visual from this page