A Handy Dropbox Cheat Sheet for Teachers

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January31, 2014
Dropbox is one of the most popular cloud based platforms for hosting and sharing files. Like Google Drive, Dropbox offers a decent free storage space to start with and there is also the possibility to buy more storage capacity. Unless it is a Google doc or presentation, I always save my PDFs and other documents to Dropbox. What I like the most about this tool is its syncing capacities which are way faster than Google Drive. You can upload a PDF on your desktop and access it instantly on your Dropbox account  in iPad.
There are many things you can do with Dropbox and the Dropbox page here in Educational Technology and Mobile Learning is packed full of tips, tools, and ideas on how to tap into the educational potential of this platform.

I am also sharing with you this wonderful cheat sheet created by Makeuseof which features handy Dropbox keyboard shortcuts, and  some of its useful features and third-party tools. Have a look and share with your colleagues.

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