A Great Free iPad App for Creating Comic Strips to Use in Classroom

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January 19, 2014

Finally, the popular comic generator website Make Belief Comix has rolled out its new free iPad app. This app allows you to do pretty much the same thing you would do on its web-based platform. You can use it with your students to create and narrate stories using a wide variety of comic characters and many other tools.

The process to create your first comic story using Make Beliefs Comix  is very simple. Just select from 37 human and animal characters, each showing 4 different emotions for a total of 148 character choices – there's even a werewolf, vampire and poodle girl to stir things up. Then, put words in the mouths and thoughts in the heads of these fun characters as you fill in their talk and thought balloons. (Write in English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Latin or Portuguese.) To enhance your stories, you also can choose which of the dozens of objects and scenes to add to the template panels where you place your characters.

When you are done creating your comic story you can then share it with your friends and students using popular social media or via email.