A Beautiful Math Poster Featuring The Greatest Mathematicians of All Time

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Math teachers would love what I am sharing with them today. Below is a wonderful visual featuring some of the brightest mathematicians of all time. However, the word mathematician in the title of this visual is a little bit tricky. In ancient times and before the categorization of knowledge into different sciences and branches "logic" and philosophy were the reigning fields of human knowledge under which everything else is subsumed and studied including math, astronomy, biology, physics, anatomy...etc. Therefore the figures featured in the list below were not only mathematicians in the literary sense of the word but were also great philosophical thinkers ( Renes Descartes ) and  Physicists ( Archimedes ). They are very much popular for their prominent contribution to the field of mathematics.

 I thought you might want to print off this visual and hang it on your classroom wall. This graphic is created by Studygeek and I learned about it from visualizingmath.

Check out the full graphic in this page.

math poster