4 Wonderful iPad Apps Kids Can Use to Create Digital Stories

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January 20, 2014
Below are four useful iPad apps that students and particularly young learners can use to create and narrate simple digital stories.  Check them out and share with us on our Facebook page if you have other suggestions to add to the list. Enjoy

1- Mini Doodlecast

This is a simple iPad  app that allows kids to create simple digital stories by creating  drawings and recording voice to add to them. This app also provides a wide variety of drawing prompts for kids to use and in creating their drawings, the app records every single stroke, word or giggle and turns it into a short video to share with others.

2-Shadow Puppet

This is another simple and easy to use app to create short digital stories. The app allows you to pick out the images you want and record your voice to add to them. The talking puppets you create are shareable vis email or through popular social media.

3-Perfect Captions

Kids can use Perfect Captions to tell stories through pictures. You simply take a picture with your iPad camera or use the ones on your camera roll click edit and add captions of text to give life to your images.

4- Tellegami

Tellagami is a mobile app that lets you create and share a quick animated message called a Gami. A Gami can be an exciting tweet or status update. It can be a fun way to tell a story. It can be a thank you message or a vacation postcard. It can be a birthday greeting, party invite or cool way to share photos. Create a Gami in 3 easy steps.
  •  Customize a character and choose your background.
  •  Record your voice or type a message for your character to say. 
  • Share your Gami on Facebook, Twitter or send via text or email.