4 Important Educational iPad Apps That Has Gone Free

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Here is a set of some interesting educational apps which have gone free but only for a limited time so grab them before the offer  expires. I learned about these offers from Apps Gone Free. Check them out below and share with us what you think of them :

1- Graphs by Tap to Learn

You wanna learn about the different types of graphs and how to interpret each one of them? This app is what you need. It provides tutorials and example questions to help you better understand graphs. "It serves as an excellent first guide and workbook to understand types of graphs including Line Graphs, Bar Graphs and Pie Charts. In addition to this, concepts such as Mean, Mode and Median are also explained in simple terms."

2- Articles

This is a great Wikipedia reader for your iPad. It helps you search for wiki entries related to your search queries. it also integrates map functionality to provide you with information about important places and events around your location.

3- PicGrid

PicGrid is logic puzzle, where the player must reveal a hidden picture by coloring the correct blocks in a grid.

4- Word Wizard

Word Wizard is a unique app that lets kids hear the sounds of letters and words using a talking movable alphabet. Featuring advanced text to speech capabilities, the app can pronounce and spell-check an unlimited number of original words and sentences built using a phonics movable alphabet