3 Good iPad Sticky Notes Apps for Teachers and Students

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I have gone through some of these apps and compiled for you the selection below. If you are looking for note taking apps, check out this page.

1- Sticky

Sticky is my favourite in this collection. With Sticky you can organize your thoughts and ideas in a colour and tactile way. You can add as many pages as you want. It also allows you to add text, images and a wide range of different colours to make your notes and todos stand out. This app is free.

2- Sticky Notes Pro

This is another good iPad app to create and organize your sticky notes  but with added functionalities like adding reminders and alarms to your notes, password protect your notes, and even collaborate with your peers on notes.

3- My Secret Diary

This is app that enables you to takes note and record your thoughts using text and images. You can attach  the photos you have in your albums directly into the page and you can also accompany them with music from your iTunes . The app also provides several stcikers to add to your notes to help you better remember important  details.