15 Great Timeline Creation Web Tools and iPad Apps for Teachers and Students

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January 28, 2014
The possibilities for the use of timeline tools in the class are endless. Whether you want to teach salient historical incidents, chronological order of events, or explain a developmental process in biology or simply outline the major learning curves for the year, timeline creation tools are the ideal platforms to implement.

A timeline is a visual representation that features information in connected sequences over a given period of time. The importance of timelines lies in the fact that they enable students to easily comprehend and internalize information, chronological sequences, and dates.Students can also use these tools to participate actively and in building new learning experiences. They are excellent tools for conducting scholarly research and sharing knowledge.

That being said, I have done a lot of scouring and compiled the list below. I have meticulously handpicked the tools that you as a teacher might need to use in the class with your students. Criteria such as user-friendliness, simplicity, and practicality are the common denominator among all of these tools. I have also annexed another short list of iPad apps for timeline creation. Check out the selections and as always share with your colleagues and students.

1- Timeline Student Interactive

This is a wonderful tool from ReadWriteThink which allows students to create a graphical representation of an event or process by displaying items sequentially along a line. These Timelines can be organized by time of day, date, or event. it also enables users to to create a label with short or long descriptive text. Adding an image for each label makes a timeline more visually appealing

2- Timeline JS

This is a relatively new web tool that I am mentioning here for the first time. Timeline JS is an open-source tool that enables you to build visually-rich interactive timelines and is available in 40 languages.

3- MyHistro

Using myHistro, you can combine maps and timelines seamlessly into one great presentation, convert any public timeline into a personal pdf file, or export it into Google Earth format for offline storage. All completed timelines can be embedded into your blog and websites for maximum exposure.
4- Timerime

TimeRime is a web application which allows people to create, view and compare interactive timelines. The application is available as an online community at www.timerime.com, and as a professional software solution, that can be integrated in other websites.
5- TimeToast

Timetoast is a place to create and share timelines on the web. You can create historical timelines of important events, or build a timeline of your vacation. It's all up to you and your imagination. Timelines you create can also be shard with others or embed them in blog or website.
6- Our Story

OurStory is a tool that  helps you tell a story through a timeline. In one easy-to-use, organized place, and in a rich environment that celebrates all of the stories - big and small - with the words, photos and voices that help tell about your journey, at the same time honoring your choices regarding privacy
7- TikiToki

Tiki-Toki is web-based software for creating beautiful interactive timelines that you can share on the internet.It is also available in 3D now.

8- Dipity  (no longer available)

Dipity is a free digital timeline website that you can use to create, share, embed and collaborate on interactive, visually engaging timelines that integrate video, audio, images, text, links, social media, location and timestamps.

9- TimeGlider

Web-based timeline software for creating and sharing history, project planning and more ...Create, collaborate, and publish zooming and panning interactive timelines. It's like Google Maps,
but for time.
10- Meograph

Meograph is another web tool that enables you to easily create , watch and share interactive stories. You can include maps, timeline, links, and multimedia to tell stories in context of where and when.
iPad apps for creating timelines:

1- Timeline Maker


Timeline Maker helps you in a very easy and fast way to display a list of events in chronological order. Timelines can be shared by email, saved to Photo library and printed.

2- Timeline 3D


Make and present timeline charts from your events for school, work, or home. Timeline 3D uses award-winning visual design to help you understand and present chronologies and historic events with new perspective. It's simple to get started, because Timeline 3D will make a timeline automatically from your events.

3- Timestream

Timestream is an easy and fun way to create timelines and chronologies on the iPad that you can share with your family and friends. You can include events, event periods, and images to create scientific, historical and personal timelines. You can span billions of years or only a few microseconds.

4- Timeline

Timeline Minimalist Project Management is a tool for professionals, entrepreneurs and ordinary people that want to plan, manage and report on projects from their iPad. If you work on projects, programs or events, Timeline can help you deliver with style and professionalism

5- Timeline Builder

TimelineBuilder for iPad is a unique and robust app that allows the user to create custom timelines with beginning and ending dates of their choosing, adding events where they want with the ability to manipulate image size and placement. TimelineBuilder is a flexible tool, allowing the user to edit timelines; add, edit and delete events; add or swap images; resize and reposition images and timeline events.