Top 15 Education Hashtags in 2013

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The year  2013 has been the year of hashtags par excellence. This new symbolic phenomena that was first originated in Twitter has rapidly expanded to encroach other popular social media platforms like Facebook and Google Plus. Hashtags are a great way to gather content and users and create a community around a given topic. The power of these symbols besides their sweeping pervasiveness lies in the fact that once they are created nobody controls them and anybody can use them with no restrictions.

I have already created a detailed guide on how to use and benefit from the potential of hashtags in education , check out this page to read it. Today, and inline with the spirit of sharing "the best of" posts, I am sharing with you the top 15 Twitter hashtags of 2013. The hashtags included in this list are those that made it to the finalist list of edublog award's category " best Twitter hashtags".

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