This Is How to Search Google's Scanned Newspaper Archives

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Do you know that Google has a newspaper search archive hat embeds copies of papers dating back to the 19th century ?  Google search anthropologist Daniel Russell has recently covered this in one of his blog posts  and has also provided some interesting tips on how to search Google newspaper archive and below are some of ways you can use in this search.

To search Google Newspaper archive, you need to head out to

In the pop-up window displayed, type in the news story you want to search for, then under "date added" select "specified date" and enter a restricted  date value and then type in the name of the newspaper.

Here is an example of a search I did today. I searched for "civil war" news stories in the copies of New York Times that were published between 1860 and 1890.

Google turned in this search results page.

Clicking on the first link I got this copy of New York Time published in march 5, 1887.

Another way to conduct such a research is by typing in source: and followed by the name of one of the scanned papers from the scanned archive as shown below and here is a comprehensive list of all the scanned newspapers.