Teacher's Guide to Socrative 2.0

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Socrative is a smart student response system that empowers teachers to engage their classrooms through a series of educational exercises and games via smartphones, laptops, and tablets. Socrative is designed in such a way to help teachers make classes more engaging and interactive.It also helps teachers initiate activities and prompt students with questions to which students can respond using their laptops or smartphones. The good thing about Scorative is that it can run on any kind of device with internet connection: iPads, iPods, laptops, smartphones so students will never miss out on any learning acidity.

Some of the things you can do with Socrative include :
  • Creating quizzes 
  • Assessing and checking students comprehension using true/false or multiple choice questions
  • Polling your students using multiple choice questions
  • Loading a pre-made quiz and sharing it with students.You can also see who completed the quiz and who did not.
  • Socrative sends an instantaneous report of the finished activity to your email address. In the case of a quiz, it sends you a report that features students results allowing you thus to give students quick feedback.

Now the beta version Socrative 2.0 is here to improve your overall Socrative experience. Socrative 2.0 includes a brand new design and great new features. Here is an introductory video about the new features Socrative 2.0 has included.

Here is a very good and simple step by step guide created by the folks in Socrative to help teachers and student tap into the full potential of Socrative 2.0. The guide which comes in PDF format covers the following :
  • How to register for your free Socrative account
  • How to log in to Socrative
  • Teacher dashboard
  • Teacher Header/Menu
  • Students views after login
  • Start A Quiz
  • Student paced quiz- student view
  • Student paced quiz- teacher view
  • Teacher paced quiz- student view
  • Teacher paced quiz- teacher view
  • Reports
  • Quick questions
  • Space race
  • Exit tickets
  • How to create a quiz
  • How to add images to quizzes
  • How to import a quiz
Access the Socrative 2.0 PDF guide HERE.