iPad Apps and Other Resources to Teach Students about Mandela's Life

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One of the most iconic freedom fighter has just left us a couple of days ago leaving behind him a huge legacy for next generations to learn from. Nelson Mandella's life was a genuine fight for human rights and justice and it was thanks to his civil activism that apartheid was abolished in South Africa. The fight for freedom cost Nelson so dearly, 27 years of his life was spent in prison. The lessons we can draw from  Nelson's eventful life experiences are inestimable and here are some of the teaching resources I have curated fro you to help yu teach your students about this legendary man.

1- Dgital Archive Project
This is an online archive created by The Nelson Mandela Centre of Memory and provides a wide vareity of digital resources and materials related to the work of Nelson.

2- Videos
 " Videos of Mandela for discussion, and a beautiful book with stunning art. Also consider Mandela's autobiography, appropriate for high school students ".

You can also check this article from Edutopia to discover more lessons from mandela's life.

Here are three good iPad apps on Mandela's life history.

This application on Nelson Mandela gives you the possibility to discover a great character of history, as well as a complicated and difficult time for South Africa that affected the entire world. Thanks to an interactive story, children can feel more involved in the story, and this allows a better understanding of it thanks to illustrations and audio explanations.
2- Mandela History

Discover the story of Nelson Mandela. From apartheid to the presidency of South Africa follow the struggle of an extraordinary man with this app, unique in its kind, through 10 animated tableaux! A gallery of portraits reveals the destinies of Fran├žois Piennar, Desmond Tutu and Winnie Mandela, among others. Four games, both educational and fun, help the young reader to retain the major elements of the story.
3- You Mandela Tribute

This magazine provides a detailed yet easy-to-read summary of the life of this freedom fighter with informative timelines, fascinating pictures and excellent infographics. Find out more about Mandela’s childhood and family, read his historic speech from the dock during the Rivonia Trial before he was sent to prison, and explore Robben Island (where he spent 18 of his 27 imprisoned years) while learning about the layout of the prison, the clothing he wore on the island, the work he performed and the prison food he ate.  
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