important Release- Google Rolled Out New Service Called Google Tips

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Google has recently rolled out a new interesting service called Google Tips. This new platform is created to help Googlers have a better graps of some of the services of Google. Google Tips, as its name indicates, provides tips, helpful hints, and pointers on how to make the best of some of its products including  Chrome, Google+, Google Maps, Google Drive, Gmail, YouTube, and—of course—Google Search.

Natalie Booth, head of search at theEword, commented: "Google Tips looks certain to become a fantastic resource for internet users, allowing them to gain a greater understanding of the many ways Google products can help. With users offered the ability to suggest additional cards to add in the future, the size of this knowledge database will surely grow and grow."

Tips are embedded in clickable cards. Clicking on each of these cards will provide you with the information about that tip. Most of these tips come in the form of a slideshow of 1 to 2 minutes long. Try it out and share with us what you think of it.